Sunday, October 22, 2017

Something very different

Good morning friends and a happy Sunday,

We had such lovely rain last night and after some very hot and dry windy days it is just so lovely to have a beautiful fresh morning.

I have some thoughts and ideas of where I am going...not in my travels, but just in my crafting life. If you decide to leave now, I won't mind...I just needed to get some of my thoughts down here.

When I started my blog way back when, it was because I was very into card making and anything to do with paper crafts. I eventually joined lots of cardmaking groups and I was on a number of Design teams and I certainly enjoyed my time on them, but slowly I wasn't enjoying it all as became a bit stressful as deadlines approached and I wanted to do 'other' things, so I just felt it fair to my team members to step down...I am still on 2 design teams and enjoying this at the moment...most of the time.

After retiring from my craft business 3 years ago hubby and I decided to move to a retirement village, where we would have a smaller garden, the freedom of going away whenever we wished, without worrying about the security issues of leaving our home alone for extended periods

This has been the best decision we have made. We have traveled a lot and visited our families abroad and also intend doing a fair bit of travelling in our own beautiful country in the next few months.

I have had time to do 'other'things. 2 years ago I also revisited an old hobby of mine...working with yarn and needles..knitting for a charity and crocheting for fun.

There are several of my other hobbies that I just didn't have time for.

Our veggie garden has been very successful the last 2 years and I am so enjoying having fresh produce from the garden. Hubby has enjoyed spending time in the kitchen...not much cooking..but lovely baking, especially breads.

 We have been doing quite a lot of walking and just enjoying the time we can with family,  friends and our neighbours who have all become such good friends.
So my story is almost over, I will still be showing my cards  but now will also be posting some of my life, so please if this doesn't interest you, you are most welcome to leave and I won't be upset. Some of my blogging friends who are also FB friends, have asked why do I not post some of my travel and other pictures you will probably see a few of those coming up.

If you have stayed to the end, thank you. This was just a brief review of what has kept me busy the last couple of years and hopefully, will be doing more of the same in the next few.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and I hope you are enjoying whatever it is that you are doing.

Take care and love from me.  Ursula xxx

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Daffodil Cards said...

What a wise lady you are, thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful photos. I look forward to more :).