Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am still around

Hello friends,
First a warm welcome to my new blogging friends. Sorry I have not been active for over aweek, but several things causing this. First work I guess. My family arrive next Wednesday from Netherlands, so of course lots to do before they get here. Have to make sure all orders are delivered, etc. as we go away with them for a week the day after arrival.
Next BIG issue my PC Does anyone know if there is a Union for PC's, as mine has joined them on a go slow. FRUSTRATION is an understatement, but my "technical team" (my son), will hopefully sort it out on the weekend.
I have been visiting, but not leaving comments, as that becomes a major issue.
Have a great weekend all, I hope to get some cards posted before going away.
Warm wishes

1 comment:

chilli pip said...

Your family will be pleased with the results of tonights match.
My sister lives in the Netherlands so after Englands massive defeat my blood is Orange .
What a result against BRAZIL