Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Something very different

Hello friends,
This time I am not posting anything papercraft related. I have in the past, very rarely posted about my other hobbies. Crochet has been the main one the last few years, in fact since moving to our lovely retirement village. I have and am still enjoying this very much, doing lots of projects for 2 local charity groups

Now it is time to try something very new...I have started making bobbin lace.
I had my first lesson about 4 weeks ago and have just finished my first project. 

I am certainly enjoying this relaxing hobby, hope it will stay relaxing, but am very keen to learn lots more.

I will be back tomorrow, with a card this time......

Love, Ursula

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Daffodil Cards said...

Bobbin lace is such an old traditional craft and very difficult to do, at least it always looks like to me, then I see others going at a hundred miles an hour doing it. Your result is beautiful, well done you.
Faith x