Saturday, September 12, 2015

A just memories.

Good morning friends,
Today I have nothing crafty for you, but all about a lovely family celebration..just a word of warning..lots of photos....
About 2 weeks ago I posted about our big family get together for our 50th wedding anniversary. The family came from all over to celebrate with us, and we did have a lovely day with family and friends on 16 August, before everyone returned home to their respective countries.

So now the actual day of our anniversary arrived, and yesterday we just relived all the beautiful memories of the time since 24th July when the first of the family arrived.  The day was not forgotten by all our family and lots of phone calls, skype calls, messages and visits, starting off with a relaxed breakfast, and more visits and ending with a great get together with all our neighbours in the village where we have now been living for almost a year. Our lovely  friends Brian & Linda had organized for everyone in our street to come together to toast us on this great day. We feel so Blessed to be living amongst such wonderful people and so enjoyed an evening of great camaraderie and getting to know more of our neighbours.

Well all is now just a memory, but these memories will be treasured and remain with us for as long as we will be able to remember.

Indulge me please to post a few photos of the last few weeks.

A weekend at a game lodge with the whole family. One of many photos taken around the table enjoying, good food, wine, laughs and lots of fun.

Lovely game drives with good sighting of game so enjoyed by all, especially the overseas family..

Many outings, some on quad bikes enjoying the thrills of off road riding,  cable cars  to see the gorgeous views.

Some time spent in shopping malls to satisfy the young and then fun time at a theme park with great rides for the daring and not so daring,

Then after the big "official celebration lunch", some great family time at home before our visitors all returned to their own countries.......


Picnic lunch for the younger members......

After a great braai (barbeque)lunch, just relaxing chatting and enjoying some 'desserts'.

All in all just such a fantastic time.......

Then adieu, farewell, totsiens, till the next time...whenever....

Thank you to all my blogging and FB friends, for all the loving messages we received the last few weeks while our celebration was ongoing. We do appreciate them all and feel very Blessed to have you all as our cyberfriends together with the friends that we are able to meet and see.

Will be back soon with something crafty again. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love Ursula


Ameera Craft said...

Dear Ursula, I have followed your celebration posts and photos with such delight. Have enjoyed being a 'part' of your world for a short time. It was lovely and I thank you for sharing it with me. May you and your lovely hubby have many, many more anniversaries to share. Love Mary (Lets Craft & Create DT)

Faith A said...

What wonderful photos and memories to last you and everyone for ever. How wonderful too that you have a lovely family to join in and enjoy themselves with your celebration.
May you have many more Anniversaries.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Such wonderful memories for you to cherish. It is so nice that you have these pictures to look back on. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Charlene said...

Thanks so much for sharing the celebration of your 50 years of marriage. With so many divorces and common law marriages in today's society it is so wonderful to see a couple who are still so much in love and still married after so many years. I wish you many more happy, healthy and wonderful years together. Hugs from your friend across the ocean.