Monday, January 27, 2014

I am back

Hello to all my friends,
Yes, we are back home after a lovely long holiday with our family in New Zealand. I did post some photos on FB from time to time, but just didn't get to do much here on my blog. Had a long trip back and were totally exhausted after a total of 32 hours from Auckland airport to JHB airport. 2 nights of erratic sleep is not making for feeling too great, but hopefully tonight will have more hours of sleep.

On a personal note  fair bit had happened here while away. I won't bore you will all the details, but we had unfortunately 2 break-ins. 1 into our caravan and 1 in our house, also an attempt, but just a window broken that time and a trellidoor slightly bent. So we now have to get all the insurance claims in and try and sort out some of the mess to see what has all been taken. It is the smaller less obvious things that are difficult.

On a very much sadder note, my hubby's brother passed away just over 2 weeks ago. He lived on his own, and when he did not arrive at a lunch appointment for his birthday his sister went to the house and they had to break in with police assistance and discovered he had died probably about 6/7 days earlier. It was very traumatic, with post mortems and lots of official investigations. Cause of death was from natural causes,  and today we had his funeral. Lots of cleaning up and sorting out at  his house to do, as well as disposing of the contents.

I have missed my craftroom very much and can't wait to get in at least 1 hour of please watch this space and hopefully tomorrow I will be posting something craft related. I will also try and visit some of your blogs over the next few days, as I have not been able to get to see all the wonderful projects.

Take care and I will be back soon,
Love Ursula

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Faith A said...

Glad you are back safe and sound from your lovely holiday, but so sorry you got back to awful news about the breakins and the passing of your BIL. My sympathy to you for both.

Look forward to your makes!