Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My first award - Thank you

I feel truly honoured to have received this award from Sharon. Being so new to blogging, I have a lot to learn and a BIG thanks to Sharon for being my "helpline" I need to list 10 things that make me happy.

1. Being able to work full days alongside my husband.
2. Spending time with my family here in SA
3. Chatting to my family overseas on Skype every week.
4. My friends
5. My crafting
6. Making all my new blogging friends
7. Receiving Raks and cards in the post
8. Having some time in the garden.
9. Receiving comments on my blog
10. Being able to do a class or workshop

I now have to pass this on to 3 friends. This is the difficult part, as I have made so many new friends, who have helped me along in different ways. So I pass this onto:

Tilly in New Zealand, whose work I admire very much.

Amanda, whose cards have been an inspiration to me.

Debbie who was my first step into the big wide world of cardmaking.
Thanks to everyone else who has helped me. warm wishes from me.


Sharon Keanly said...

Enjoy your Award Ursula, you really deserve it. Your blog is looking great and your cards are so special. Take care, hugs Sharon

Amanda Harrod said...

Wow thanks Ursula I feel very honoured.
Thanks so much. Love your blog. Keep up the good work.
Amanda HRH

Debbie Harris said...

Thank you very much Ursula! I am thrilled that I helped you into the fabulous cardmaking world and that you are enjoying it. Well done on the creation of your blog too!! Keep it up! Debbie xxx

Tilly said...

Oh thank you Ursula! What an honour! Your blog is looking wonderful so keep up the good work. Lots of love. Tilly